19th-Century Portrait Album

This album was presented to Fannie D. Finney for Reward of Merit, from J.E.B. Dec., 1867.  She was 9 years old when she received it, likely as a reward from her school or Sunday school teacher.  The identity of ”J.E.B.” is unknown.

Fannie was the daughter of John W. and Frances Godard Finney (Photo #8).   Her father died during the Civil War, and her mother married William Alexander Chambers (Photo #45) in 1868, when Fannie was 10.   During her childhood, she lived in Fortville (now gone) in Jones County.  After her marriage to Richard Henry Bonner in 1876, she lived in Clinton until her death in 1901.  Their children were John Wyatt Bonner and Giles Walter Bonner (Photo #13).  The people in this collection have ties of kinship with either Fannie or her husband.  Some lived in Clinton, and others elsewhere in Jones County.

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The Old Clinton Historical Society wishes to thank the donor for her gift of this album.  Thanks also to Johnny Mac Nickles for the photos.   

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